Ethanol Days of Summer Free Fuel Contest

Free Fuel Giveaway

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) offers free fuel to participants for reporting prices of E15 and E85 as part of its annual Ethanol Days of Summer Free Fuel Contest.  


As our country is experiencing record fuel prices, everyone is looking for a break at the pump. Ethanol has been providing savings for years, but even more so this summer as the availability of E15 and E85 grows. To further highlight those savings and educate U.S. drivers on ethanol’s value, this year’s contest was combined with RFA’s Pump up the Savings Challenge to allow consumers more ways to win.


The promotion for 2022 has concluded. Winners in 2022 were:


Week 1: FellwokJones (from – drawn June 6th

Week 2: CornProne (from – drawn June 13th

Week 3:  Jantenbensel (from - drawn June 20th

Week 4: Yam245 (from - drawn June 27th

Week 5: @Ben_Sunderhaus (from Twitter) - drawn July 5th

Week 6: @diggitydon21 (from Twitter) – drawn July 12th

Week 7: @b_rockers (from Twitter) – drawn July 18th

Week 8: Gladiator1205 (from – drawn July 25th

Week 9: Indiana (from - drawn August 1st

Week 10: James48843 (from - drawn August 8th

Week 11: Rack (from - drawn August 15th

Week 12: Gascost@@22 (from - drawn August 22nd

Week 13: @BigHugeFatGuy (from Twitter) - drawn August 29th

Week 14: Gasisoutrageous (from - drawn September 5th

About ethanol, E15, and E85:

The market for higher ethanol blends continues to grow. All model year 2001 and newer light duty vehicles can use E15 (fuel containing 15% ethanol, accounting for more than 97% of the vehicles on the road today. Additionally, more than 22 million flex fuel vehicles can use E85 (fuel containing 85% ethanol). Check here to learn if your vehicle is flex fuel.


Want to learn more about ethanol and why it’s a GREAT fuel for your car? Visit RFA’s consumer section to learn how the benefits of ethanol are worth the switch to E15 and E85.

About features pricing for E15 and E85. All of the fuel prices are crowdsourced, meaning the prices you submit are used by other drivers to see where they can get the best price for their fuel! Because ethanol is cheaper than its fossil fuel counterparts, you’ll notice that the higher the ethanol blend – the lower the fuel cost! ad 

2021 Summer Contest Winners

Date Winner Name
Week 1 cguigar
Week 2 indiana
Week 3 fellwockjones
Week 4 mile10com
Week 5 gasisoutrageous
Week 6 xprss
Week 7 Rack
Week 8 ethanolkicksgas
Week 9 CornProne
Week 10 Rack
Week 11 TerryW
Week 12 JimmySierra
Week 13 Bigwolf1833
Week 14 wkshinn